EatOkra: Find Black-owned Restaurants


General Questions & Basics

a. In 2016, EatOkra was founded by husband and wife duo Janique and Anthony Edwards. Learn more here.

a. Yes! EatOkra is free for both users and Black-owned restaurants looking to be added to our directory. Business owners can sign up here.

a. EatOkra is the go-to app for discovering Black-owned restaurants. Where food, culture, and community link, EatOkra connects 380,000+ diners to culinary creators and restaurants, reimagining the dining experience in local neighborhoods nationwide.

a. If you know of a restaurant that you’d like to see on the EatOkra app, send us the business details by simply filling out the form here

a. Download the EatOkra app on Google Play, AppStore or visit the discover section on the website here

a. Dashible is a NYC based service that allows business owners to create deals for their customers. Check out their website here

a. Yes! In 2016, EatOkra was founded by husband and wife duo Janique and Anthony Edwards. Learn more here.


a. Yes. Reviews are great for both the restaurant operators and app users alike. Tell them what you think but please, be cordial.

a. Collections are our way of allowing our users to create lists of their favorite eateries. You can give them a name like, “favorite brunch spots” or “best gumbo in Louisiana.” We think this is a great way to not only keep track of your favorites, but you can also share them with friends and family.
b. To create a collection select a restaurant on the app then select “bookmark”. Then you can either create a new collection or add it to the one you've already created.

Free memberships & trials

a. To become listed on EatOkra, your business must:
  1. Identify as black-owned.
  2. Be fully licensed, registered and insured to do business as a restaurant, food truck or catering service
  3. Have a tax ID #

a. Claim your existing business
  1. Download the EatOkra app
  2. Search for your business in your city
  3. Click “Claim this business

b. Or Create a new listing if your business isn't already listed
  1. Go to
  2. Click “Get Listed”
  3. Fill out the application

a. Must be legally registered/licensed to do business in your city/state
b. Must operate as a brick & mortar restaurant, food truck, food trailer or catering service
c. Must be at least 50% black owned
d. Complete the onboarding survey
e. Upload proof of ownership

a. Download the app
b. Enter your city in the search tab
c. Type your business name into the search bar

a. Yes. EatOkra members can view check-ins, read customer reviews, track clicks and more all in the business dashboard.

a. All EatOkra members have the ability to read customer reviews. However only Silver Queen and Go Big subscribers have the ability to respond to customers in the app.

a. EatOkra sends a weekly newsletter to all of our members. Make sure to check your>